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Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Campaign

Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Campaign-click here to submit names or search for names Over the past 50 years, Yad Vashem has been working to recover the names of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Half of these Jews are memorialized in Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, which contains over three million names, pictures and biographical details of Jews who perished in the Holocaust.

However, millions of victims remain unidentified and Yad Vashem has called on Jewish communities around the world to join in the Names Recovery Campaign. "This is a race against time as Holocaust survivors may not be able to share their memories later on."

A Call to Action

"It is our collective duty to help recover their identities and memorialize each individual Jew who perished, lest their legacies be lost forever. Each Jew who perished deserves a memorial, yet most did not receive any sort of burial."

As you are no doubt aware, to commemorate and bear witness to the lives of our murdered brethren, Yad Vashem has created Pages of Testimony, forms for registering Holocaust victims. Each page contains a victim's name, biographical details, and a photograph when available. These pages are completed by friends or acquaintances of victims, though most often by survivors or their descendants. These private memorials are stored for perpetuity in Yad Vashem's Hall of Names in Jerusalem, serve as a public commemoration for the Jewish people and all of mankind. In addition, each Page of Testimony is also entered into the Online Database of Shoah Victims' Names that currently contains some three million names.

If you are entering a name or perhaps researching your family's history, you can search the database to see if a name has already been submitted, submit new names and photographs, add or correct information on existing names, and learn about Jewish life before, during and after the Holocaust.

As we remember the six million Jewish victims of the Shoah, we must always remember them as individuals, as men, women and children, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, and as parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. To help raise awareness and support Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Campaign, the YIZKOR project includes activities and resources to help remember the millions of Jewish victims whose names and stories are not recorded in the archives.

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Click here for information on Names' Recovery Campaign in Russian

Names' Recovery Outreach, Newsletter No 9, September 2009

David & Rivka Japha Deliver Collected Pages of Testimony to Cynthia Wroclawski, Manager of the Shoah Names Recovery campaign, Yad Vashem

Shoah Victims Names' Recovery Campaign

the Yizkor project has volunteers ready to assist you in submitting names to Yad Vashem and to also add photographs to existing Pages of Testimony in the Central Database.


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