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Struggling to Survive...Again!

Claims Conference: Half of old-age Holocaust survivors live in poverty (January 27, 2010)

NGOs: One out of every three Holocaust survivors lives in poverty (Haaretz 11/2009)

Caring for Our Aging Survivor Parents by Esther Toporek Finder speaking as a private citizen (Official U.S. Delegate to Holocaust Era Assets Conference, Prague, CZ June 2009)

Surviving surviving (June 2009, article about eigth grader Joe Klein's film project) Watch Joe's video

Los Angeles Community to Examine Plight of Poverty-Stricken Holocaust Survivors (May 2009)

Justice, Before It's Too Late by Nesse Godin, Esther Finder & Mira Silberg (Washington Post, 12/22/2007)

One-Fourth of Holocaust Survivors in U.S. Living Below the Poverty Line (The Jewish Week, 11/20/03)

Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Campaign-click here to submit names or search for names Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Campaign

Over the past 50 years, Yad Vashem has been working to recover the names of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. Today, approximately, one half of these Jews are memorialized in Yad Vashem's Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names, which contains over three million names, pictures and biographical details.

An Urgent Call to Action. In an effort to recover the millions of names which have not been recorded in the Shoah Victims' Names database, Yad Vashem has called upon Jewish communities all around the world to help recover these names before they become lost to Time. "It is our collective duty to help recover their identities and memorialize each individual Jew who perished, lest their legacies be lost forever. Each Jew who perished deserves a memorial, yet most did not receive any sort of burial."

Memorial Tribute Wall

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